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City Mayor implements skateboarding ban. Will demolish city skate park!

1986 Haddonfield, Illinois. A group of friends comes to odds with their town's City Council. The council has just voted to demolish the local ramp and build a dog park in its place! You and your friends will need to earn the cash for permits to rebuild the ramp, while also earning the goodwill of the town. It's small-town America, everything you do is connected and talked about by locals. It affects how they interact with you. Your free to go and tear up the sidewalks in town, run over pedestrians, interrupt traffic in town...but no one is going to give you and your friends the break you need.

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Whatever your platform of choice - Steam,, Xbox Games Store or the Nintendo eShop, there are loads of options to add The Answer Is Never! to your wishlists.The Answer is Never! is scheduled for release in Spring of 2023.

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