What is this Game About?

A group of high school kids in the late 1980's who have nothing but skateboarding to quell their boredom, ultimately end up in a series of unfortunate events. The group soon comes to odds with the town's City Council. The city council has voted to demolish the local skate park and build a dog park in its place. You and your friends have to step up and earn the money for the permits to rebuild your spot, meanwhile trying to win back the good graces of the community and the city council. Your free to go and tear up the sidewalks in town, run over pedestrians, interrupt traffic in town...but no one is going to give you that break you might need.

* This project is currently being developed solely by myself. I am doing the artwork, the programming, the design and concepts, story oulines, and the audio production. Hopefully in the near future I will be able to fund development assistance from other 3D and 2D Artists. I am currently using Unity 2018.1, Autodesk Max, Substance Painter, Photoshop and Audacity as my primary software development tools. I am hoping to have a "first playable" or vertical slice by the end of Summer 2018. I will be using the itch.io platform to distribute builds.